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Trailer zu Veranstaltung vom 20.04.2004 in Köln:

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Opera To Relax (OTR), Alexandra von Sayn-Wittgenstein www.sayncom.de
Realisation: Wolfram Niessen, DIPOLE-MEDIA
© Opera To Relax (OTR) 2004


  Titel: Between Tomorrow
  1. Sun Child
2. Pathway Toward Peace
  3. The Saints Of Lochaish
  4. It Doesn`t Seem Like It Is
  5. Fly!
  6. Between Tomorrow
  7. Sun Child-Radio Edit

  Titel: Beyond the Sounds
  1. Between the Gold and the Blue
  2. Radio Shamanistan
  3. Jamagada
  4. Simply to be
  5. Listening
  6. Radio Shamanistan (Radio Edit)

From Life 2 Life   Titel: From Life 2 Life
  1. Give Wings to your Dreams
  2. Traveller through Time
  3. From Life 2 Life
  4. Hidden forces all around
  5. Oh what a Crazy Day
  6. Soul Spaces
7. Upon the Temple Bell

    8. Avaranda (Qi Gong Version)

Kyle of Lochalsh   Titel: Kyle of Lochalsh
  1. Kyle of Lochalsh
  2. To the Lord of the Flying Carpets
  3. Dr. Snow Walker
  4. Keysho
  5. Bottle Magic
  6. The OTR Evening Raga
7. The Train from Kyle of Lochalsh

The Monastery Garden   Titel: The Monastery Garden
  1. Halan Shilan Kundali: Summer Day     in India
  2. Kazalanda-Shi: Cat¥s Dream
  3. The Monastery Garden
  4. Najala Santu: Rainy Day
  5. Playful Ocean

Garden of Sounds   Titel: Garden of Sounds
  1. Djakita
  2. Orphea
  3. Nose Chakra¥s Day
  4. Lake At Dawn
  5. Djelani¥s Groove
  6. The Ort Comtemplation-Track
  7. Ohanta Kapan
8. Ballad For Ingo